Saturday, 23 August 2008

A little pile of Chinese notes found among my travel papers. I'm taking them down to the shop on Castle Street.

Update: I got £3 for the lot! The man said they were still in circulation.

I also took to British Heart Foundation: a pile of plates, a lovely RHS address book (I'm not going to use a paper address book again (unless civilisation collapses), and I've had it for five years hoping that someone would ask for one, but no-one has) and a large book of Edwardian board games.
I put my wardrobe on Freecycle and got a great avalanche of a response. I think I know who I would like to have it... but I'm waiting until the digest goes out before I say yes. I've argued in the past about not minding who you give stuff to, but I do balk a bit at giving to a taker. I've been searching for the names to see what they've posted. It's interesting to see how I make my decisions: I like people who ask nicely; I like people who say why they want it, and offer to give it a good home. I like people who post Wanteds explaining that they're doing it to help someone else.

I think the wardrobe has in its favour: It's from Ikea, so people know what they're getting. It's flat-pack. It's a storage item -- I think some people on FC might have a clutter problem.

I also had a huge clear-out of something nasty that had been hiding under the bed -- a large box of files. I put some folders together -- there was some schoolwork, and some writing from the 1990s in two separate files. I put those in together.

And there was a frightening box file labelled: 'Travel' into which I have traditionally 'filed' all the papers I bring back from holiday. This includes till receipts, ticket stubs, interesting paper bags, packets of photos, travel diaries... you get the idea. I've slimmed down considerable -- who wants receipts and photos that went wrong? But lots of nice memories surfaced as I filed. I suspect there are other packets stashed away, however. I'm going to see if I can't claim a boxfile for myself on Freecycle.

The other horror in this box was a yellow folder of newsletter stuff for TWells writers. I've contacted one of the members and asked if I can drop it round.

I threw away a lot of papers relating to my coaching sessions -- the sessions were great, but the papers were a load of bollocks -- strange diagrams and sentimental poems. I kept a few things I filled in -- a list of 50 things that make me happy (tho I think I've probably got other versions of this).

The sofa went on Thursday, and behind it I found a couple of paper bags containing... papers. I emptied them out -- binned a lot more stuff, kept other things. There were some things I was glad to find, though -- a lot of scraps of pretty paper that I file away for projects.

I read up about fixing a pair of jeans with a busted crotch -- the best advice seemed to be to patch them up with some old jeans. I can ask at a charity shop if they have any rag denim I can have.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

1. I sold my desk chair to my old boss.
2. Gave some knives and forks to a friend.

The Facebook notice was not entirely successful -- only one person responded.

I have just looked into the plates I want to get rid of, and it seems they might be worth a bit of money. There's a china shop in Tunbridge Wells (update -- they didn't want them); and I've registered them with Chinasearch. (update -- they didn't want them either).

Might try E-bay, but it's so hard to pack and post these things. Or, I might just decide that it's not worth all this effort for the money I could get, and take the lot to the charity shop.

Sunday, 27 July 2008


I've just posted the following on Facebook in the hopes that someone will be interested:

I'm moving in with Nick at the end of the month and I own far more things than I can take. Some of it, you can have for free, and other bits, I'm selling. You'll have to collect, as I have no transport. Please email iwantyourthings at threebeautifulthings dot co dot uk if you're interested.

Here's the list:

  • Two-seater Habitat sofa in chocolate brown. Very comfortable and clean. -- £50.
  • 70cm sq pine table, perfect if you need a kitchen table for a small space -- £25.

Free stuff
  • Some trays -- one with farm animals on, the others plain wood / melamine
  • An Ikea Aneboda wardrobe in birch effect. Very pleasing and unobtrusive.
  • A white frosted bowl-shaped glass shade for an uplighter
  • Retro plates and bowls, white and duck-egg green with a design of flowers and grasses
  • Stainless steel knives, forks and spoons. The handles are moulded with an unusual bamboo design.
  • Videos -- large selection, ideal for lovers of X-files, Simpsons, Family Guy. All carefully recorded onto UK format from the TV by US penfriend in the late 90s, early 00s.
  • Footprint Guide to Kenya
  • Large mirror measuring 55cm by 45cm

Monday, 21 July 2008

I have been a bit bad about posting -- and getting rid of stuff -- these last few weeks. But I sent two books on their way by Book Crossing in this time, so I'm hoping that counts.

Here is what I have done so far this week towards getting rid of stuff:

1. Threw away several unwearable pairs of knickers.
2. Put an ad in two papers to sell my sofa.
3. Book crossed two more books. As I was leaving the park, I saw an old man bending over to look at them.
4. Book crossed another book.
5. Threw away a stash of old envelopes -- I keep them because I like to make notes on them; but there will ALWAYS be old envelopes.
6. Shredded bank statements and bills older than two years.
7. Went through a box of birthday cards and letters and kept only the ones I really cared about. This was hard -- some of the letters stirred up a bit of emotion. But it felt good to shred the ones I didn't need any more. I kept them because I felt they were important. By getting rid of them, I am stating that they are no longer important; I think this deadens the emotions.
8. A dress and jumper that I no longer need to charity
9. A mirror and a shoe hanger to charity.
10. Another book to Bookcrossing.

I have also phoned three removal companies about moving house.

It's getting harder and harder to find things to get rid of, now.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Last night, I asked Nick why there was a stack of videos on the floor -- he explained that he was clearing out some stuff too. I try not to forget that he is making changes and sacrifices to fit me in, but sometimes I do.

Also -- I think we may have got rid of the biggest piece of clutter of all: We've accepted an offer on the flat.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

On-going list of things that cannot be got rid of until moving day

  1. My wardrobe
  2. The collection of plastic sandwich boxes (they are actually quite useful for packing little bits for a move)

Monday, 30 June 2008

Week 5

1. A box of old floppy discs. I pulled all the documents off them (mostly school work, some possibly embarrassing junvenalia and -- geekily thrilling, the game I made for my GCSE computer studies project (left). It doesn't work. I'm not sure if it ever did, as the project was only marked on the documentation, not the computery bit. But I actually think that it was one of the most useful things I ever learnt at school, and I thoroughly enjoyed making the game, which was a point and click called The Wrath of Zevrion). They are now stashed on Nick's computer (mine doesn't have a disc drive) and I need to take my podule round this week so I can bring them home. I was about to offer the now-blank discs to Nick, and then I noticed that he has a lot of blank discs already, diligent creature that he is. So I put the lot in the bin, and it felt good.

2. A bag of foreign coins and a fistful of low denomination foreign notes -- to the stamp shop.

3. My great aunt's Pitman's certificates -- ditto.

To come -- there is an event round the corner on Sunday to which one brings a bag of women's clothes, pays £4 and takes away another bag of clothes. I am going through my wardrobe right now.
I woke in the night and looked over at the silhouette of my desk in the grey light prying its way through the blinds. A deep sadness filled me. I'm really, really looking forward to moving in with Nick; but I'm going to miss my bright room and my study space so much.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

coming home to roost

I got a lovely email from a lady to whom I Freecycled a pile of children's books. She said that I should have seen her daughter's face when she got home from school and saw them. She is reading a book or two a day.

I'm glad to be able to give a hand-up to a small bookworm.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Shifting my laptop

It appears that I can get a bit of money for my old lappie on Ebay. It's broken, but sometimes they go for £20 or so. I wonder how it should be sent off.

Failing that, there's a man round here who reconditions PCs and then Freecycles them to those in need.

In any case, I need to get rid of my data before I send it off. It looks like this is the application to use -- Darik's Boot and Nuke.

It also has a wireless card that I need to return to Fenella.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Week 4

1. A load of books to Oxfam.

2. An unwanted wireless thingy via Freecycle

3. A handful of old make-up brushes.

4. A cork pinboard (via Freecycle).

5. A rafia pot containing bits and pieces -- some of the bits and pieces I kept, others I Freecycled. The pot I binned (although I kept the interesting clay bead on the front

6. A glass to British Heart Foundation

7. A shoe organiser to British Heart Foundation

8. A jigsaw to Oxfam.

9. A pen handle to British Heart Foundation.

10. Finished a pot of footsoak into my pedicure.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Week 3

1. A pair of ankle boots that never suited me and were uncomfortable. I thought I'd got rid of these ages ago. They were in the boot sale box and they went to recycling.

2. A coat that I bought up on the Tibetan plateau in China for £8. It was wonderful -- both warm and waterproof. It buttoned up on the shoulder, which was awkward, but I loved it because people were always complimenting me on it. The silky trimming has become ragged, though, so it's not fit for smart wear, and not practical for scruffy work. It went to rec

3. A tie dye wrap around skirt that I had in the sixth form. It has a lot of emotional baggage attached to it. I wore it while trekking in Nepal, but it's still in good shape. It went to recycling.

4. A pile of mystery books -- through Freecycle.

5. A pile of fantasy books -- through Freecycle.

6. A pile of travel books -- through Freecycle.

7. Two old Starwars magazines -- Ebay. I got done on Paypal, though -- the buyer paid by debit card. I didn't realise I'd be charged 34p for that!

8. A vintage Penguin Island of Dr Moreau -- through Ebay.

9. A old magazine about Star Wars -- through Ebay for less than I thought.

10. Two books, left in public places for Bookcrossers to find.

11. A box containing virus software that drives everyone crazy -- it went from the bootsale box to the bin.

Sunday, 15 June 2008


One of the sets of stuff that takes up a lot of space is videos. I don't have many films; but Rich, my and Katie's penfriend who died in 2004, sent us vids of US TV -- X-Files, South Park, Family Guy and so on. These tapes were much looked forward to at the time, and much talked about.

We've never managed to make our VCR work; and anyway, most of these shows are repeated on TV, so I think perhaps it's time to let the tapes go. I have plenty of other things that recall Rich -- books, emails, pages from Time and Space, and a good stash of memories.

I talked to Katie about the stash -- they are partly hers, really, and she agreed. I should probably just put them in the bin -- can't stick them on Ebay, I don't suppose. But I might give Freecycle a go and see if anyone is interested.

The cards

I found my stash of birthday cards while tidying before the estate agent came to take pictures yesterday. I should really chuck them all, but couldn't quite bring myself to do it. I need some time to really look at them and see if there's anything I want to save.


It's about natural wastage, too -- when something I don't really need breaks, let it go. Don't replace it. While I was cleaning the kitchen, two cheap but pretty plastic trays that have been kept too near the stove broke in my hands and went straight in the bin.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Week 2, part two

I've listed a pile of books and comics on Ebay -- hope they sell!

I've also offered a few books on Freecycle.

I got a soldering iron off FC this week; but I'm using it to fix a hairslide, which sort of counts as getting rid of something I don't want

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Week 2

  1. Three sticks for spreading on legwax -- I really do only need one; and I'll get a new one with the next pot. These went in the bin.
  2. One printer, through Freecycle.
  3. One purple nail polisher, which isn't working too well any more. Bin.
  4. A bottle of bronze goo that is supposed to make me shimmer, but has always smelt a bit peculiar. Bin.
  5. A lip gloss that neither suits me nor stays on. Bin.
  6. A worn bag to the bin -- this is a Chinese army surplus medical bag that I used as a handbag for a long time; and then when it got too scruffy, as a pagan bag. I used it to carry my firemaking kit, incense, notebook, sandwiches, drink and...
  7. A piece of rabbit skin -- it was a wonderful insulation between my bottom and the cold, hard ground. The moths got it, however, and it shed hairs everywhere.
  8. A box of corks and a box of bottle caps
  9. A hard eraser that is not very easy to use -- I have a much nicer one.
  10. Three pairs of shoes -- to the recycling centre. One pair of sparkly wedges bought for New Year's Eve 1999. One pair of pink silk trainers bought for work, but never very comfortable. One pair of black smart sandals which I've had for years and never found very comfortable.
  • I've found a box of floppy discs, and I've decided that I'll get rid of those -- but first I want to take them to Nick's and pull all the data off them.
  • I hang on to old birthday cards -- I wonder where they all are.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Week 1, part 2

Further things got rid in addition to my weekly 10
  1. Three pots of footcare goo and a handful of salt that I used to keep on my desk at work in a marathon pedi sesh.
  2. Three books to Katie
I have also sorted out 1.5 meters of books that I can bear to get rid of. I'm looking at selling them as a job lot, rather than giving them to Oxfam -- got to think of money these days.

A broken lappie like my old broken one is going on Ebay for a surprising amount.

I'm going to collect up all my Starwars stuff and sell it as a job lot -- I've hardly looked at those books for years.

I've stuck my printer on Freecycle -- Nick has a better one; and they are so cheap these days that I don't mind buying a new one.

I have also scouted courier services -- Royal Mail is a royal pain in the bum round here since they closed all the post offices. And I'll need to get some boxes.

Just spotted some more things that can go -- cordless mouse, and wireless receiver.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Week 1

These are the ten things that I'm getting rid of this week:

  1. An old pair of spare laces that are too short for my present boots.
  2. A nail file I don't use because it's too rough
  3. A red clay rouge that has been dying everything it touches red for years
  4. A bottle of fake tan that never worked
  5. Some homeopathic pills
  6. Two kits for re-useable leg wax that I'm never going to use again.
  7. A nail brush that is so soft as to be useless.
  8. A glued up paintbrush
  9. A tiny wooden tray that came with a gift of some kind and I kept in case it came in useful.
  10. A scratched audio book.
And on top of that:
  1. A hair bobble that is too big for my hair -- to Katie to be made into stitchmarkers.
  2. Some glass beads -- to Katie for her bead box